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Money Market Accounts

The Bank of Tescott offers a Tiered Money Market account that allows our customers to deposit their money and use their funds on daily basis.
  • Interest bearing account.
  • $500.00 minimum balance.
  • Limited check writing availability.

Reminder for Tiered Money Market and Statement Savings accounts:
Federal law requires that banks limit certain withdrawals to six per month on Tiered Money Market and Statement Savings accounts. The Bank is required by law to either close your account or change it to a non-interest bearing account if in a twelve-month period you go over the limit three different months. Unlimited transactions are: ATM cash withdrawals and transfers; withdrawals or transfers made in person, or by mail; and automatic transfers to pay on a loan at The Bank of Tescott. Limited transactions are: telephone transfers, transfers made by The Bank of Tescott’s on-line banking, automatic transfers made to third parties, checks, point-of-sale transactions or debit card purchases.

* Please email if you would like one of our customer service account staff to contact you about our money market accounts. *note: do NOT include any account numbers/personal information in your correspondence.