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Safe Deposit Boxes

Need a safe place to keep your valuables? At all of our offices you can rent Safe Deposit Boxes. We offer different sizes at different prices depending on what your needs are. Ask about our Safe Deposit boxes at the branch nearest you.

Cashier Checks & Money Orders:

The Bank of Tescott sells both Cashier Checks and Money Orders. Visit any one of our offices to purchase them. There will be a fee for the purchase of them.

Debit Cards

The STAR VISA debit card gives you instant access to your checking account. You can get cash at ATMs wherever you see the STAR, VISA and PLUS logos. You can make purchases everywhere you see those same logos. All purchases are deducted from your checking account, just like a check, whether you use your personal identification number (PIN) or sign for your purchase just like a credit card purchase.

*** If a STAR Visa Check Card is lost or stolen after regular banking hours call 800-523-4175 to report immediately