Fraud Alert!

A number of customers have reported receiving automated phone calls identified as coming from The Bank of Tescott, informing them that their debit card has been blocked or closed.

The Bank of Tescott’s debit card fraud prevention system could legitimately initiate a phone call or text message to debit card holders regarding suspicious activity on their debit cards, however, card holders will never be asked for their card number, PIN or account number or security code if the call is legitimate.

Should you receive any kind of phone call, text message or e-mail asking you to provide information about your bank accounts or cards, do not respond.  These messages are not from The Bank of Tescott or any service associated with the bank, and the people contacting you are seeking your personal account information in order to commit fraud.  Giving out your account or card information jeopardizes your account and could lead to you becoming the victim of identity theft as well.

If you have received a phone call similar to the circumstances described above and have provided the caller with any information related to your accounts or cards, please contact Customer Service immediately so that appropriate action can be taken to protect your account.